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The shop is now open on Fridays 10.00am - 4.00pm & Saturdays 10.00am. - 5.00pm.
The old well loved shop is still active, but we are now adding new features:

Acme is moving into a new venture. We are opening 4 new ranges:
Gauge1 Models , My Garden Raiways.  O Gauge Models and The Fitting Shop
Gauge1 Models ( or .com) will fill the void of almost no
British Outline G1 locos/rolling stock kits/RTR models, dealing with 10mm and 3/8th.
My Garden Railway( or .com) will be the garden railway specialists
in the heart of the Midlands. Dealing with 16mm, LGB and Bachmann (Aristo, Spectrum & Big Haulers).
The Fitting Shop ( for all the accessories from 'O' gauge, Gauge 1 through to G-Scale.
Gauge1 Models , My Garden Railways
,  O Gauge Models and The Fitting Shop are still in early development.
Some Pages are present but not yet completed.

There is now more to see and room to see it in.
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We are a major Model Railway Retailer in Leicestershire and have a Comprehensive Shop in Sileby (between Leicester and Loughborough see map), where we sell both new and second-hand items in 'N', 'OO', 'O', 'G1' and LGB.  We have large amounts of second-hand stock, in all gauges, and usually Continential 'HO' (any 'O' or G1 Used items move quickly, so please phone!)  The shop also stocks Videos, Tools and Spares. Click for Opening times

Acme specialise in manufacturing British Outline Model Railways in 'O' Gauge and 'Gauge 1'. The Kits are Etched Brass Bodies and N/Silver Chassis, with Lost Wax Brass and White Metal Detailing Castings, manufactured to a very high standard.  We also supply our locos in Ready-To-Run (RTR) versions. We have a comprehensive exchange system which allows our customers to swap out their unwanted items of any gauge for any of our products(New and/or S/hand).
Other Services provided are: Repairing in OO - G-Scale, Re-Magnetising, DCC Fitting Centrifugal Mould Making and White Metal Casting, we also have many Lost Wax Castings available for all our range.

The Railway Shop,     48 Highgate Road,      Sileby,     Leicestershire LE12 7PP                     
                                                                       Tel:    Shop 01509 812177        Home 01664 424286
 Office:    The Spinneys,     52 Station Road,      Rearsby,      Leicestershire  LE7 4YY