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Industrial Name/Cab-Side Plate Sets
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BRIDGETAshover Light Railway
GUYAshover Light Railway
HUMMYAshover Light Railway
JOANAshover Light Railway
PEGGYAshover Light Railway
141Barry RailwayOval Plates
24Barry RailwayOval Plates
34Barry RailwayOval Plates
67Barry RailwayOval Plates
83Barry RailwayOval Plates
93Barry RailwayOval Plates
97Barry RailwayOval Plates
W11NewportIsle Of Wight Railway
W14BembridgeIsle Of Wight Railway
W24CalbourneIsle Of Wight Railway
W28AshleyIsle Of Wight Railway
W33BembridgeIsle Of Wight Railway
W34NewportIsle Of Wight Railway
W8FreshwaterIsle Of Wight Railway
ExeL&B Light Railway
LewL&B Light Railway
LynL&B Light Railway
TawL&B Light Railway
YeoL&B Light Railway
16Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set  21, 29, 35, 36
17Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 4, 23, 25, 31
19Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set  2, 7, 28, 33
2Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set  7, 1 9, 28, 33
21Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 16, 29, 35, 36
23Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 4, 17, 25, 31
25Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 4, 17, 23, 31
28Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set  2, 7, 1 9, 33
29Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 16, 21, 35, 36
31Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 4, 17, 23, 25
33Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set  2, 7, 1 9, 28
35Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 16, 21, 29, 36
36Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 16, 21, 29, 35
4Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set 17, 23, 25, 31
7Rhondda & Swansea RlwyOval 5 Plate set  2, 1 9, 28, 33
195Taff Vale RailwayOval Plates
219Taff Vale RailwayOval Plates
Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
1GE Stlye Indvdl No Plates
1Large Indvdl No Plates
1Oval Indvdl No Plates
1Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
10Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
1066Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
11Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
110Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
12Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
13Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
14Oval Indvdl No Plates
14Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
15Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
16Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
2GE Stlye Indvdl No Plates
2Large Indvdl No Plates
2Oval Indvdl No Plates
2Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
2Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
3Large Indvdl No Plates
3Oval Indvdl No Plates
3Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
3Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
3AGE Stlye Indvdl No Plates
4Large Indvdl No Plates
4Oval Indvdl No Plates
4Oval Indvdl No Plates
4Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
4Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
5Oval Indvdl No Plates
5Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
5Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
5AOval Indvdl No Plates
6Oval Indvdl No Plates
6Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
6Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
7Oval Indvdl No Plates
7Oval Indvdl No Plates
7Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
7Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
8Oval Indvdl No Plates
8Oval Indvdl No Plates
8Sq/Std Indvdl No Plates
8Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
9Oval Indvdl No Plates
9Sq /Rect Indvdl No Plates
ALBERTPlain Capital
ANAISPlain Capital
ANDREWPlain Capital
ANGELAPlain Capital
AngusCAPITAL (Sunken)
ANGUSPlain Capital
AnnaCAPITAL (Sunken)
ANNAPlain Capital
ANNETTEPlain Capital
ARGADEENPlain Capital
BARBRASerif Capitals (Like GWR)
BENJAMINPlain Capital
BENJAMINSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
BLOWERPlain Capital
BOLDPlain Capital
BONNIEPlain Capital
BRIANPlain Capital
CAWOODPlain Capital
CHARLESPlain Capital
CHIEFPlain Capital
CHRISTINEPlain Capital
CHRISTINESerif Capitals (Like GWR)
CLARESerif Capitals (Like GWR)
CLIVEPlain Capital
COLONELPlain Capital
COMPOPlain Capital
CONQUERORPlain Capital
DENNISPlain Capital
DianeCAPITAL (Sunken)
EILEENPlain Capital
EmmaCAPITAL (Sunken)
ENAPlain Capital
G.J. GrumbyCAPITAL (Sunken)
GALLOPlain Capital
GEORGEPlain Capital
GLYNPlain Capital
GOBLINPlain Capital
GORDONSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
GORGEOUSPlain Capital
GRIFFINPlain Capital
HENRYSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
HERCULESPlain Capital
HEROPlain Capital
HUMMYPlain Capital
ISABELPlain Capital
JAMESPlain Capital
JAMESSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
JaneCAPITAL (Sunken)
JARRAHSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
JEANPlain Capital
JEMPlain Capital
JENNIFERPlain Capital
JoanCAPITAL (Sunken)
JOSHPlain Capital
JUBILEEPlain Capital
JULIEPlain Capital
JumboCAPITAL (Sunken)
KateCAPITAL (Sunken)
KATHERINESerif Capitals (Like GWR)
KATHLEENPlain Capital
KING EDWARDPlain Capital
LADYPlain Capital
LADYPlain Capital
LADY DIANAPlain Capital
LADY JANESerif Capitals (Like GWR)
LADY of POWERPlain Capital
LADY of the NIGHTPlain Capital
LADY of the NORTHPlain Capital
LADY SARAHPlain Capital
LADY SUSANPlain Capital
LANCEPlain Capital
LAURASerif Capitals (Like GWR)
LILYPlain Capital
LIONESSPlain Capital
LOLITAPlain Capital
MEGSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
MICHAELSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
MICKPlain Capital
MIDDLETONPlain Capital
MONAPlain Capital
NORTHPlain Capital
OLIVERPlain Capital
PAULINEPlain Capital
PEGGYPlain Capital
PHEONIXPlain Capital
PintoCAPITAL (Sunken)
PollyCAPITAL (Sunken)
PoloCAPITAL (Sunken)
PONGOPlain Capital
PRIMUSSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
QUEEN of thePlain Capital
RED KITEPlain Capital
ROSALINDSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
SALLYPlain Capital
SamuelCAPITAL (Sunken)
SARAHPlain Capital
ScottieCAPITAL (Sunken)
SECUNDUSSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
SIR PETERPlain Capital
SIR ROBERTPlain Capital
STALWARTPlain Capital
STORMIERPlain Capital
SUSANPlain Capital
TEDDYSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
THE IRONMASTERSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
THOMASSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
TINAPlain Capital
TipsyCAPITAL (Sunken)
TOMPlain Capital
TommyCAPITAL (Sunken)
TOMTITPlain Capital
TROLLPlain Capital
TRUSTYPlain Capital
TRYFANPlain Capital
VICTORSerif Capitals (Like GWR)
VICTORIAPlain Capital
VICTORYPlain Capital
VOLUNTEERPlain Capital
WENDYPlain Capital
WIZARDPlain Capital
WOLFPlain Capital
YEOMANPlain Capital
ZOFIAPlain Capital