Shop at 48 Highgate Road
The shop is well situated in one of the desirable areas of Sileby, just off a major road through the village.
It is on the No 2 Bus route (Leicester - Loughborough) and 5 minutes walking from the Sileby Train Station (on the Ivanhoe Line).
There are 3 car parking spaces off road in front of the shop, Also ample 'on road' parking
(10 cars) with no 'house frontage problems'.

Very Easy access to both the A46 (less than a ½ mile), A6 (about 1 mile), and M1 via Leicester Northern bypass (A4600) 7 mile, all Dual carriageway except for the ½ mile to A46.
The shop is the ground floor of a maisonette (house on top shop). The Maisonette is currently rented out and is not included in the lease.
The shop has an area of 650 square feet, comprising of 358 square feet Sales area. The high ceiling allow ample shelving display area.
Off the sales area there is a workshop/general storage/office area of 154 square feet (again high ceiling gives ample storage).
Through into the back area there is more storage at 98 square feet, and a useful kitchen and toilet takes up 54 square feet.
Extra storage that may be available are:
                                                          A Garage +
                                                            3 Sheds.
       The garden is not part of the lease, but can be shared with the Maisonette occupants
        providing there is no commercial use. The maintenance of the garden will be by the
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