Gauge 1       Catalogue
MR/LMS/BR   0-6-0 '4F'                         Wheels supplied by Walsall Model Industries
Another very popular locomotive of then LMS. Very numerous and spread widely over the system. This kit builds into a very nice model with ample scope for superdetailing into individual engines. The kit will come with Brass Loco and Tender bodies and Nickel-Silver Chassises. The Smoke Box and Boiler come pre-rolled.
History:  Intro 1911 (for MR), 1927 for LMS. Weight(loco) 48t 15cwt. T.E 24,555lb. Total in class 192(MR) 580 (LMS)
Modelling Details:                 Wheels: Drivers 5' 3"           Tndr 4'3"
LMS Nos.:3835-4026 (MR locos), LMS 4027-4606,   BR Nos. 43835-44606).     Nos 4557-4562 built for S&DJR
This Loco is normally not held in stock. Availability is 4 - 8 weeks time.

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